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The Power of Unified Threat Management
WatchGuard® unified threat management solutions provide the most complete security in their class for fully integrated, multifaceted protection from network threats, including:
Web exploits
Blended threats
SQL injections
Buffer overflows
DoS/DDoS attacks
Policy violations

What Is a Unified Threat Management Solution?

Unified threat management (UTM) is an emerging trend in the network security market. UTM appliances have evolved from traditional firewall/VPN products into a solution with many additional capabilities, including:

  • Spam blocking
  • Gateway antivirus
  • Spyware prevention
  • Intrusion prevention
  • URL filtering

These are functions that previously had been handled by multiple systems. UTM solutions also provide integrated management, monitoring, and logging capabilities to streamline deployment and maintenance. All of our WatchGuard® XTM security appliances combine these capabilities for a superior UTM solution.

Unified Threat Management
WatchGuard® XTM solutions integrate multiple security functions in a single firewall platform

All-in-One Security Solution

WatchGuard appliances combine with powerful security subscriptions to o.ffer comprehensive protection from malware. All security capabilities are managed from one intuitive console, with centralized logging and reporting features for an up-to-the-minute view of network security activity.

Because the threat landscape is always changing, WatchGuard solutions are designed to be able to easily add new network defense capabilities through security subscriptions, so costly hardware upgrades are not necessary.

Fully Integrated Security for Comprehensive Protection

By adding security subscriptions to your WatchGuard XTM or Firebox X e-Series appliance, you turn it into a comprehensive, all-in-one network security solution. These fully integrated security capabilities give the network in-depth defenses, while you slash the time and cost associated with managing multiple single-point security products. Your IT sta.ff has more time to focus on other areas of network administration, and your business saves money on support and hardware costs.

Reputation Enabled Defense delivers a powerful, cloud-based URL reputation service that protects web users from malicious web pages, while dramatically improving web processing overhead.

WebBlocker content and URL filtering subscription helps eliminate legal liabilities resulting from inappropriate web surfing, while increasing employee productivity and protection from web-based attacks.

spamBlocker is the best in the industry at distinguishing legitimate communication from spam outbreaks in real time, blocking nearly 100% of unwanted emails and the viral payloads they carry.

Gateway AntiVirus is a fully integrated, heuristic and signature-based security subscription that identifies and blocks known spyware, viruses, trojans, and blended threats in real time.

Intrusion Prevention Service works hand-in-hand with your WatchGuard firewall's application layer content inspection to provide real-time protection from threats, including spyware, SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and buffer overflows.

LiveSecurity Service
Your WatchGuard appliance includes a subscription to our ground-breaking LiveSecurity Service, which you activate online when you register your product. Choose the option that best fits your needs, budget cycle and renewal schedule.

The Role of Integrated Management

Whether you are an IT expert or a security novice, you'll find the integrated management, interactive real-time monitoring, and logging capabilities of our UTM solutions provide indispensable ease of use when configuring and managing your security. With WatchGuard System Manager, you can:

  • Manage multiple appliances from a central location
  • Easily create and implement coherent global security policies
  • Rely on interactive real-time monitoring and logging
  • Use just one intuitive interface to install and manage all security capabilities

WatchGuard UTM Solutions at Work

A WatchGuard comprehensive UTM solution:

  • Gives you true zero day protection from new and emerging threats
  • Provides the flexibility to easily add any of our powerful security subscriptions
  • Offers complete protection to keep your network safe on all fronts, blocking spam, spyware, viruses, worms, trojans, blended threats, and web-based exploits
  • Relies on an intelligent architecture to deliver protection in multiple, fully integrated layers to optimize performance
  • Can be easily upgraded to a higher appliance model within the line with a software license key
  • Simplifies administration tasks including log file management, auditing, and compliance reporting to keep IT productivity high
  • Lowers operational costs when compared with the complexity of setting up separate systems to defend against specific threats

WatchGuard is a market leader in UTM security solutions. Rely on us for the comprehensive network protection you need to stay safe.

I definitely recommend WatchGuard products to other enterprises that are thinking of purchasing firewalls or UTM products. KSA has used the products for more than five years, and not one problem has been discovered during that time.

Soo-kyo Lee, Principal Researcher
of Management Planning Team
Korean Standards Association (KSA)
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