Visible Access Points

The Visible Access Points provides a list of other managed and unmanaged APs visible to the selected AP.

  • Managed — Displays APs that belong to your network and are in the vicinity of the selected AP.
  • Unmanaged — Displays APs that do not belong to your network but are in the vicinity of the selected AP.

You can freeze columns, add or remove columns, filter the display, and switch to full screen mode using the icons at the top-right of the page. For more information, see Table Actions for Monitor Pages.

Screen shot of the Visible APs widget in the Access Point monitoring page in Discover

  • Name — The name of the AP.
  • Associated SSID — The SSIDs broadcast by the AP.
  • RSSI (dBm) — The detected RSSI of the AP.
  • Channel — The operating channel of the AP.
  • Clients — Number of clients associated to the AP.