Currently Associated Clients

The Current Associated Clients widget provides a list of clients associated to the selected AP.

You can freeze columns, add or remove columns, filter the display, and switch to full screen mode using the icons at the top-right of the page. For more information, see Table Actions for Monitor Pages.

Screen shot of the Currently Associated Clients widget on the AP monitor page

This information is provided for each client:

Client Property Description
Name The user-defined name of the client associated to the AP.
User Name The user name of the client.
MAC Address

Specifies the unique 48-bit IEEE format address of the client assigned to the network adapter by the manufacturer.

IP Address IP address of the client.
Associated SSID Name of the SSID to which the client is connected.
OS Name of the operating system running on the client.
Disconnected Since

Date and time since the client was connected or disconnected.

RSSI (dBm) Displays the observed RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) value for the client.
Sticky Indicates whether the client is a sticky client. A sticky client is a client that remains connected to an AP even though there is an AP with better signal strength nearby.
Tx Data Rate

Transmission data rate of the client.

Rx Data Rate Received data rate of the client.
Avg Data Rate

Average amount of data transferred by the client over a period of time.

Retry Rate (%) Indicates the retry rate of the client as a percentage.