Create Social Media Plug-In Apps

You can configure social media plug-ins on your captive portal that allow guest users to log in to your wireless network with their social media account credentials. Wi-Fi Cloud supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Okta for social media authentication.

Steps to create a Social Media Login App

  • You can use the WatchGuard default app IDs for some social media plug-in configurations. Due to compliance regulations, many social media vendors restrict the use of certain types of social media profile data provided to unapproved third-party apps.
  • To manage your own analytics data from the social media vendor, we recommend you create your own social media app and have the app approved by the social media vendor. These sections contain instructions on how to log in the developer's page for each social media site and create your own unique app IDs.
  • For more information on how to configure social plug-ins in Analyze, see Configure Portal Social Media Plug-Ins.
  • You can also configure social media plug-ins directly in Discover when you configure a captive portal for an SSID. For more information, see Configure SSID Settings.