See API Usage

Use the chart on the API Usage page to monitor WatchGuard public API usage statistics for your account. The API Usage chart shows the total of all requests made to the WatchGuard public API over time.

To see data in the chart, you must enable RESTful API access. For more information, see Enable API Access.

WatchGuard Cloud API Usage dashboard

To view API usage statistics:

  1. From Account Manager, select the account you want to view API usage for.
  2. Select Administration > API Usage.
    The API Usage page opens. By default, the chart shows the number of requests today. If no data is available, the page shows a message that no data is available for the selected date range. If API access is disabled, the page shows a message that no APIs are enabled.
  3. To view data for a different time period, click . Select a predefined period or specify a custom date range.
  4. To view the number of requests for a point in time, click the chart at the point in time.
  5. To zoom in on the data for a specific time range, click and drag to select an area on the chart.

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