WatchGuard Cloud Announcements

When you log in to WatchGuard Cloud, new announcements appear in a pop-up banner in the lower right corner of the browser window. Announcements are notifications from WatchGuard about updates or changes to WatchGuard Cloud services.

There are two types of announcements:

— Informational

Announcement about routine maintenance updates, new features, or other non-critical information

— Critical

Announcement with critical information about a service issue or unexpected outage

To see more details about an announcement, in the announcement pop-up banner, click View details. To dismiss an announcement, in the announcement pop-up banner, click X.

All current announcements remain visible on the Announcements page, even after you dismiss them.

To view announcements:

  1. In your Subscriber account, select Administration > Notifications.
  2. Select the Announcements tab.
    A list of announcements appears. The most recent announcement appears at the top.
  3. To view the full announcement, click to open the full details box.
  4. To collapse the details box, click .

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