Configure ThreatSync Device Settings

When you enable ThreatSync for an account, it is automatically enabled on the endpoint devices and Fireboxes allocated to the account. These devices automatically send data to ThreatSync.

If you want to change which devices send data to ThreatSync, and specify whether ThreatSync is enabled automatically for new Fireboxes, you can configure ThreatSync device settings.

You can also enable or disable ThreatSync for a specific Firebox at the device level.

To configure ThreatSync device settings:

  1. Select Configure > ThreatSync > Device Settings.
    The Device Settings page opens.
  2. To specify whether to send incident data from all endpoint devices to ThreatSync, enable or disable the Endpoints toggle.
  3. To specify which Fireboxes send data to and receive actions from ThreatSync, clear or select check boxes next to the Firebox names.

    Screenshot of ThreatSync Device Settings page

  4. To automatically enable ThreatSync for any new Fireboxes you allocate to the account in WatchGuard Cloud, select the Enable ThreatSync automatically on newly added Fireboxes check box.
  5. Click Save.

To enable or disable ThreatSync on a Firebox, at the device level:

  1. Select Configure > Devices.
  2. Select the Firebox.
  3. In the ThreatSync section, disable ThreatSync.

    Screen shot of the ThreatSync toggle on the Device Settings page in WatchGuard Cloud

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