Firebox Template Inheritance

Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes

As a WatchGuard Service Provider, you can create Firebox templates that are shared with all the accounts you manage. This enables you to create standard templates that you manage in your Service Provider account. Devices in multiple managed accounts can subscribe to the same template.

When you create Firebox templates in a WatchGuard Cloud Service Provider account, your managed accounts inherit the templates from the Service Provider account. Inherited templates are visible in the Firebox Template list in all managed accounts, but are not editable. In each managed account, an operator can subscribe Fireboxes to inherited templates, in the same way as any other template.

For examples of how to use templates in a Service Provider account, see Firebox Template Examples for Service Providers.

Delegated accounts do not inherit Firebox templates.

Manage Service Provider Firebox Templates

From a Service Provider account, you can add, edit, delete, and deploy Firebox templates that are inherited by all managed accounts.

To manage Firebox templates for a Service Provider account:

  1. In Account Manager, select the Service Provider account. To select your own Service Provider account, select Overview. Or, select a tier-2 Service Provider account.

Screen shot of Account Manager with a tier-1 and tier-2 Service Provider account

To create template inherited by all managed accounts, make sure to select a Service Provider account ( ), not a Subscriber account ( ).

  1. Select Configure > Firebox Templates.
    The Firebox Templates page opens.

  1. Add, edit, or remove the templates for the Service Provider account. For more information, see Manage Firebox Templates.

After you add templates to a Service Provider account, the templates appear in the Firebox Template page for all managed accounts.

If you delete a template from a Service Provider account, the template is removed from the Firebox Templates page for all managed accounts. You cannot delete a Firebox template from a Service Provider account if the template has subscribed devices in any of your managed accounts.

Inherited Templates in Managed Accounts

In the Firebox Templates list in a managed account, the INHERITED label appears next to the name of each template that is inherited from the service provider.

Screen shot of the Firebox Template page with an inherited template

From the managed account, an operator can subscribe a device to an inherited template, so that the device uses the settings in the template. For more information, see Subscribe a Firebox to a Template.

From the managed account an operator can make a copy of the template so that they can edit the settings in a new template. For more information, see Manage Firebox Templates.

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