Add Geolocation Actions in WatchGuard Cloud

Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes

Geolocation is a security service that enables the Firebox to detect the geographic locations of connections to and from your network. For cloud-managed Fireboxes, you can enable and configure Geolocation to block access to and from specific locations.

Add a Geolocation Action

The default Geolocation action does not block any countries. You can configure multiple Geolocation actions and assign a specific action to each policy.

For the Geolocation service to apply to traffic through the Firebox, it must also be enabled in firewall policies. For information about policy settings, see Configure Security Services in a Firewall Policy.

To add a geolocation action:

  1. Select Configure > Devices.
  2. Select a cloud-managed Firebox.
    Status and settings for the selected Firebox appear.
  3. Select Device Configuration.
    The Device Configuration page displays the WatchGuard Cloud security services.
  4. Click the Geolocation tile.
    The Geolocation page opens.

Screen shot of WatchGuard Cloud Geolocation page

  1. Click Add Action.

Screen shot of WatchGuard Cloud Geolocation Add Action page

  1. In the Name text box, type a name for the action.
  2. To view the countries in each continent, click .
    You can use the filter in the upper, right corner to filter the countries to View All, View Blocked, or View Allowed.
  3. To allow or block a country, beside the country, click and select Allow or Block.

Screen shot of WatchGuard Cloud Geolocation page, block option

  1. To save the action to cloud, click Save.
    To delete an existing action, on the Geolocation page, click in the row for the action you want to delete.

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