VPN Statistics

On the VPN Statistics page, you can see information about the Branch Office VPNs and Mobile VPNs (SSL, IPSec, and L2TP) configured for your Firebox. You can use the search feature to filter the tunnel . You can also run the VPN Diagnostic Report.

The information on the VPN Statistics page is available on these tabs:


This tab includes statistics for all IPSec connections and active branch VPN tunnels.

For more information on the data in the Statistics tab, go to View VPN Statistics.

Branch Office VPN

This tab includes branch office VPN tunnels configured on your Firebox and the statistics and informational messages for the tunnels and gateways. You can also edit the tunnel settings, debug the tunnels (start the VPN Diagnostic Report), and rekey the tunnels.

In Fireware v12.8.1 or higher, if you add a BOVPN virtual interface to your configuration, IPv6 is enabled by default. The IPv6 link-local route fe80::/64 automatically appears in the Route To list on this page. This route enables IPv6 routing capability on the BOVPN virtual interface and does not affect tunnel functionality.

For more information about the information available and the tasks you can complete form branch office VPN tunnels, go to Monitor Branch Office VPNs.

Mobile VPN

This tab includes statistics for all Mobile VPN types enabled for your Firebox (IPSec, SSL, L2TP). You can also filter the list of VPNs on a specific user.

For more information about how to see Mobile VPN statistics, go to Monitor Mobile VPNs.


From this tab, you can run the VPN Diagnostic Report to see configuration and status information for a branch office VPN gateway and the associated branch office VPN tunnels. You can also run a VPN statistics report to see additional statistical information that you can use to help you troubleshoot your VPNs with a WatchGuard Technical Support representative

For more information about how to run these reports, go to Run VPN Statistical Reports.

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