Connect to Fireware Web UI

To connect to Fireware Web UI, you use a web browser to go to the IP address of the Firebox trusted or optional interface over the correct port number. Connections to the Web UI are always encrypted with HTTPS; the same high-strength encryption used by banking and shopping websites. When you type the URL in your browser, make sure to type https at the start of the URL, not http.

By default, the port used for the Web UI is 8080. The URL to connect to the Web UI in your browser is:


<Firebox-IP-address> is the IP address assigned to the trusted or optional interface on your device. When you make this connection, the browser loads the Log In page. The default URL for a WatchGuard Firebox is:

You can change the IP address of the trusted network to a different IP address. For more information, see Common Interface Settings.

For example, to use the default URL to connect to your device:

  1. Open your web browser and go to
    A security certificate notification appears in the browser.
  2. When you see the certificate warning, click Continue to this website (Internet Explorer) or Add Exception (Firefox).
    This warning appears because the certificate the Firebox uses is signed by the WatchGuard Certificate Authority, which is not in the list of trusted authorities on your browser.

This warning appears each time you connect to the Firebox unless you permanently accept the certificate, or generate and import a certificate for the device to use. For more information, see About Certificates.

  1. In the User Name text box, type the user name.

Screen shot of the Fireware XTM Web UI Login page

  1. In the Passphrase text box, type the passphrase.
    • If you specify the User Name admin, type the Configuration (read-write) passphrase.
    • If you specify the User Name status, type the Status (read-only) passphrase.
  2. From the Authentication Server drop-down list, select the authentication server for the user you specified.
    • If you specify the User Name admin or status, select Firebox-DB.
    • If you specify another User Name, select the authentication server where that user account is located.
  3. Click Log in.

By default, the Firebox configuration only allows connections to Fireware Web UI from the trusted and optional networks. To change the configuration to allow connections to the Web UI from the external network, see Connect to Fireware Web UI from an External Network.

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