Create Rules for Your Email Reader

To use the Add subject tag action in spamBlocker, it is best to configure your email reader to sort messages. With most email readers, such as Outlook, Gmail, and Mac Mail, you can set rules that automatically send email messages with tags to a subfolder. Some email readers also let you create a rule to automatically delete the message.

For example, you can set a rule to move any email message with the ***SPAM*** tag in the subject line to a SPAM subfolder in your Inbox.

For instructions on how to configure the Microsoft Outlook email client, see Send Spam to an Outlook Folder. For information about how to use this procedure on other types of email clients, see the user documentation for those products.

If you use spamBlocker with the SMTP-proxy, you can send spam email to the Quarantine Server. For more information on the Quarantine Server, see About the Quarantine Server.