Look Up IPS Signatures on the Security Portal

You can look up information about IPS (Intrusion Prevention Service) signatures on the WatchGuard Security Portal at: https://securityportal.watchguard.com/Threats. From the Security Portal, you can search for an IPS signature by ID or name. Signature descriptions on the Security Portal include links to additional information about the signature, based on Bugtraq ID, CVE ID, or other sources about a threat the signature blocks.

Screen shot of the IPS Security Portal

To look up an IPS signature from Fireware Web UI, you can click a signature ID in the Signatures or Exceptions tabs in the IPS configuration page.

If you have enabled logging for IPS signatures, from Firebox System Manager you can use Traffic Monitor to find more information about the signature IDs associated with traffic log messages. When you look up signature information for a traffic log message, you see the signature information in the IPS Security Portal.

For more information, see Run Diagnostic Tasks to Learn More About Log Messages.

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