Customize DNSWatch Block Pages

DNSWatch is currently in beta with DNSWatchGO. DNSWatchGO includes DNSWatchGO Client, a lightweight client for endpoint protection off network, and network protection without a Firebox. Some features are only available in the DNSWatchGO beta. For DNSWatchGO beta documentation, log in to the WatchGuard Beta test community.

Customize your block pages to provide information that explains to users why content is blocked. This information should include contact information so that users can contact you if they believe they have been incorrectly blocked from a site.

Customize the Security Block Pages

The customized security block page only appears when a user attempts to access a malicious domain while on a protected network. You can customize your block page with text, colors, and a logo.

You can add a custom logo to replace the default logo that appears at the top of the page. Logo requirements are:

  • A square image
  • No larger than 100 x 100 pixels
  • .JPG, .JPEG, or .PNG file format
  • Maximum file size is 50 KB.

Customize the Content Block Page

The content block page appears when a user attempts to get access to content that is filtered. You can customize the message text with Markdown.

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