DNSWatch Firebox Configuration Examples

Before you enable DNSWatch, it is important to plan its integration into your network. This topic explains how DNSWatch integrates with:

  • Networks with a local DNS server
  • Networks without a local DNS server
  • Mobile VPN configurations
  • Multiple internal networks
  • BOVPN configurations

When you enable DNSWatch on the Firebox, you configure a DNSWatch enforcement setting, which controls which outbound DNS requests the Firebox redirects to DNSWatch. If you prefer to disable DNSWatch enforcement, and you have a local DNS server, go to Example 4 — Local DNS server included in the Firebox DNS list; DNSWatch enforcement enabled. In all other examples in this topic, DNSWatch enforcement is enabled.

For more information about the enforcement setting, go to Enable DNSWatch on Your Firebox.

Example Configurations

These examples describe how to configure DNSWatch and other DNS settings on the Firebox and on your network. In these examples, your Firebox is in Mixed Routing mode, which is the default network mode.

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