DNSWatch Dashboard

DNSWatch is currently in beta with DNSWatchGO, a lightweight client for endpoint protection off network as well as network protection without a Firebox. Some features are only available in the DNSWatchGO beta. For DNSWatchGO beta documentation, log in to the WatchGuard Beta test community.

After you enable DNSWatch on a Firebox, log in to DNSWatch to monitor and manage your DNSWatch account.

For information about how to log in, see Log In to DNSWatch.

DNSWatch Dashboard

When you first log in to DNSWatch, you see the DNSWatch Dashboard. To return to the DNSWatch Dashboard from any other page in the DNSWatch web UI, click the DNSWatch logo in the upper left corner.

The DNSWatch Dashboard shows a summary of DNS traffic, top domains, top network, and monthly alerts.

The DNSWatch Dashboard has four sections:

DNS Traffic

The DNS Traffic chart shows the number of DNS requests from protected Fireboxes to your DNSWatch account for the last 24 hours. To see weekly reports of DNS traffic, click View Reports. For more information, see View DNSWatch Weekly Reports.

Top Domains

The Top Domains list shows the top 20 most requested domains in the past hour. To see weekly reports of the top 20 most requested domains, click View Reports in the DNS Traffic section, or select Reports > DNS Weekly Reports. For more information, see View DNSWatch Weekly Reports.

Top Networks

The Top Networks list shows the five Firebox networks with the most DNS requests in the past day. To see the list of protected Fireboxes, click View Fireboxes. For more information, see View Fireboxes Protected by DNSWatch.

Monthly Alerts

The Monthly Alerts section includes a summary of the number of monthly alerts for the past 30 days, by classification. To see a list of all alerts, click View All Alerts. For more information, see Manage DNSWatch Alerts.

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