About DNSWatch Email Notification

You can configure DNSWatch to send email notifications when a DNSWatch alert is added, resolved, or reopened. For information about how to configure notification settings, see Configure DNSWatch Notification Settings.

DNSWatch Email Notification Types

DNSWatch sends a notification message when:

  • DNSWatch stops a suspicious connection and generates a new alert
  • A previously resolved alert is reopened
  • A comment is added to the discussion for an alert

DNSWatch Email Notification Content

Notification email messages for new alerts and reopened alerts include links to the alert details and the alert discussion. When you click the link to see the details, you must log in to the WatchGuard Portal.

DNSWatch email notifications include the keyword [DNSWatch] in the subject line.

For more information about DNSWatch alerts and discussions, see View DNSWatch Alert Details

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