Configure Logging Settings for the Quarantine Server

From WatchGuard Server Center, you can configure where the Quarantine Server sends log message data. You can choose to send log messages to a WatchGuard Log Server, Windows Event Viewer, or to a log file.

  1. In the Servers tree, select Quarantine Server.
  2. Select the Logging tab.
    The Logging page appears.

Screen shot of the Quarantine Server — Logging page

  1. Configure settings for your Quarantine Server.

For more information about server configuration, go to Configure Logging Settings for Your WatchGuard Servers.

  1. When you are finished, click Apply to save your changes.

When you change the Logging settings for a WatchGuard server, you must stop and restart the server before the changes can take effect. For more information about how to stop and restart a WatchGuard server, see Stop and Start Your WatchGuard Servers.

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