Configure Database and SMTP Server Settings

  1. Right-click the WatchGuard Server Center icon in the system tray and select Open WatchGuard Server Center.
  2. Type the Administrator passphrase.
    The WatchGuard Server Center appears.
  3. In the Servers tree, select Quarantine Server.
    The Quarantine Server Configuration settings appear.

Quarantine Server Configuration, Server Settings dialog box.

 Database Settings  

Preferred database size

This setting is for email notifications. It does not limit the maximum size of the Quarantine Server database. It is used to calculate the warning threshold for notification messages.

Type the preferred database size for the Quarantine Server database warning notification messages. The database size range is 1–10000 MB. The default setting is 10000 MB.
The dialog box shows the current size of the database and the amount of unused space.

Send an email notification if the database reaches the warning threshold

Select this check box to receive a warning message when the database is near the selected limit.

Warning threshold

Specify when the database sends you a threshold warning message.

Send email to 

Type the full email address of the account where you want to send the notifications.

For example, suppose that you select to receive a warning message. If you set the default warning threshold to 90%, and set the preferred database size to 1000 MB, the Quarantine Server sends a warning message when the Quarantine Server database size reaches 900 MB.

SMTP Server Settings

Outgoing email server (SMTP)

Type the address of the outgoing SMTP email server.

If your SMTP server accepts connections on a port other than port 25, type the address of your SMTP server in the format <localhost>:<port number>.
For example,

Send credentials to the email server

If your email server requires authentication, select this check box.

User name

Type the user name for the email server. If the user name is not required for your SMTP server, you can keep this field blank.


Type the password for the email server. If the password is not required for your SMTP server, you can keep this field blank.

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