Import and Export Rulesets

 If you manage several Fireboxes, you can import and export rulesets between them. This saves time because you must define the rules only once. You define the rules once for one proxy definition, export them to an XML file, and then import them to a new proxy definition.

  1. Create the rulesets for one proxy or category.
  2. If necessary, click Change View to see the advanced view of the ruleset.
  3. Click Export.
  4. In the Save dialog box, select a location to save the XML file.
    The default location is My Documents > My WatchGuard.
  5. Type a name for the file and click Save.
  6. In the new proxy definition, click Import.
  7. Find the file you created in Step 2 and click Open.
  8. If rules are already defined in the new proxy, you are asked whether you want to clear the old ruleset first.
    • Click Yes to delete the existing rules and replace them with the new ones.
    • Click No to include both the existing and the imported rules in the ruleset.

Copy Rulesets Between Different Proxies or Categories

Some rulesets can be used in more than one proxy or category. For example, you can export the Content Types ruleset of an HTTP proxy action, and then import it to the Content Types ruleset of an SMTP proxy action. Or, you can export the SMTP Mail From ruleset to the SMTP Mail To ruleset.

For more information about the groups that you can copy rulesets between, see Cut and Paste Rule Definitions.

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