Cut and Paste Rule Definitions

You can copy and paste content in text boxes from one proxy definition to another. For example, suppose you write a custom deny message for the POP3 proxy. You can select the deny message, copy it, and paste it into the Deny Message text box for the SMTP proxy.

When you copy between proxy definitions, you must make sure the text box you copy from is compatible with the proxy you paste it into. You can copy rulesets only between proxies or categories within these four groups. Other combinations are not compatible.

Content Types Filenames Addresses Authentication
HTTP Content Types FTP Download SMTP Mail From SMTP Authentication
SMTP Content Types FTP Upload SMTP Mail To POP3 Authentication
POP3 Content Types HTTP URL Paths  


  SMTP Filename    

POP3 Filenames


Import or Export Rulesets 

You can import and export entire rulesets between proxy definitions. For more information, go to Import and Export Rulesets.

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