Fireware Version Compatibility

This Help system describes the features available to users of WatchGuard System Manager v12.7.2 and Fireware OS v12.7.2. Though WatchGuard System Manager v12.7.2 can seamlessly manage devices that run older versions of Fireware OS, some features that are described in this Help system might not be available if your Firebox runs a version of Fireware OS older than v11.7.

For a list of features that are new in v12.7.2, see What's New in Fireware.

Firebox models that are at End-of-Life do not support the current version of Fireware.

  • Firebox XTM 21, 22, or 23 devices cannot run Fireware OS v11.7 and higher.
  • Firebox X e-Series devices cannot run Fireware OS v11.4 and higher.

Many features described in this Help system are not available in these older Fireware versions.

For more information about product EOL and recommended hardware migration paths, see the WatchGuard End of Life Policy.

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