Device Feedback

In your Firebox device configuration, you can choose whether the Firebox sends feedback to WatchGuard. Device feedback is enabled by default.

Device feedback helps WatchGuard to improve products and features. It includes information about how your Firebox is used and issues you encounter with your Firebox, but does not include any information about your company or any company data that is sent through the Firebox. Because of this, your Firebox data is anonymous. All device feedback that is sent to WatchGuard is encrypted.

WatchGuard uses the information from the device feedback data to understand the geographic distribution of Fireware OS versions. The data WatchGuard collects includes summarized information about which features and services are used on Fireboxes, about threats that are intercepted, and about device health and performance. This information helps WatchGuard to better determine which areas of the product to enhance to provide the most benefits to customers and users.

Use of the device feedback feature is entirely voluntary. You can disable it at any time. To disable device feedback on your Firebox, clear the Send device feedback to WatchGuard check box.

When device feedback is disabled, the Firebox returns only basic data to WatchGuard. This includes data that WatchGuard owns such as the device serial number, model, Fireware version, and Fireware build, and other data such as the device IP address, uptime duration, and a hash of the device MAC address.

When device feedback is enabled, feedback is sent to WatchGuard once every six days and each time the Firebox reboots. Device feedback is sent to WatchGuard in a compressed file. To conserve space on the Firebox, the feedback data is removed from the Firebox after it is sent to WatchGuard.

Device feedback includes this information from your Firebox: