About SNAT

A SNAT action is a user-defined action that includes static NAT or server load balancing members which can be referenced by a policy. A SNAT action is a NAT mapping which replaces the original destination IP address (and optionally, port) with a new destination. For a server load balancing SNAT action, the original destination is mapped to multiple server IP addresses, which the Firebox can load balance between.

You can create SNAT actions and apply them to one or more policies in your configuration. To reference an SNAT object in a policy, you add it to the To (destination) list in the policy. If you add a server load balancing SNAT action to a policy, it must be the only destination in the policy.

For more information about static NAT and server load balancing, see Configure Static NAT (SNAT) and Configure Server Load Balancing.

If your device uses Fireware XTM v11.0-v11.3.x, you cannot configure an SNAT action. Instead, you configure Static NAT and Server Load Balancing in a policy. For more information, see About Static NAT and Configure Server Load Balancing in the Fireware XTM WatchGuard System Manager v11.3.x Help.

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