Configure Modem Failover

You can configure your Firebox to send traffic through a modem when the Firebox cannot send traffic with any external interface. For a list of supported modems and Fireboxes, go to About Modem Interfaces.

In Fireware v12.1 and higher, the modem is available as an external interface, and modem failover is enabled. The modem has a higher metric (lower priority) than other external interfaces. If all other external interfaces become unavailable, traffic automatically fails over to the modem interface. To add a modem to your Firebox and configure the settings, go to Configure a Modem Interface.

If your Firebox was configured for modem failover, when you upgrade your Firebox to Fireware v12.1, the modem configuration is automatically converted to an external interface with failover enabled.

You can also configure branch office VPN connections to fail over to a modem interface. For more information, go to Configure VPN Modem Failover.

To add a modem interface as a multi-WAN participant, go to Configure the Failover Multi-WAN Method.

In Fireware v12.0.2 and lower, the steps to configure modem failover and link monitor settings are different. For more information, go to Configure Modem Failover in Fireware v12.0.2 and lower in the WatchGuard Knowledge Base.

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