Configure the Failover Multi-WAN Method

Before You Begin

Multi-WAN is not supported on the Firebox T10. Multi-WAN is supported on Firebox T15 devices with Fireware v12.3 or higher. Although multi-WAN is not supported in certain cases, modem failover is supported for the Firebox T10 and T15. This is true even after an upgrade to Fireware v12.1 or higher, which converts modems to external interfaces. For more information, see Configure Modem Failover.

Configure the Interfaces

Change the Failover Order

The first interface in the multi-WAN list is the primary interface. If the primary interface becomes inactive, the Firebox sends all traffic to the next external interface in the multi-WAN configuration.

To change the failover order, you must manually move interfaces up or down in the list.