Configure the Routing Table Multi-WAN Method

Before You Begin

Routing Table Mode and Load Balancing  

If you have multiple active external interfaces, the Firebox has multiple default routes to the external network with the same cost (one hop). With the Routing Table method, Fireware puts all the active external interfaces into one ECMP group. It uses the ECMP algorithm to decide which next-hop (path) to use to send each packet. This algorithm does not consider current byte count through the external interfaces.

With the Routing Table method, the Firebox first looks at policy-based routing actions in your policies, and the routes in its internal route table to see if it should send a packet through a specific external interface. If the Firebox does not find a specified route, it selects a route based on the ECMP (equal-cost multi-path) algorithm specified in RFC 2992.

Configure the Interfaces

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