Configure Syslog Server Settings

Syslog is a log interface developed for UNIX but also used by a number of computer systems. You can configure the Firebox to send syslog log messages to a maximum of three servers.

For Fireboxes that are not cloud-managed, multiple syslog servers are supported in Fireware v12.4 and higher.

For each syslog server, you must specify the IP address and port for connections to the server.

Syslog log messages are not encrypted. We recommend that you do not send log messages to a syslog server through the external interface. For better security, we recommend that you put your syslog server on your trusted network.

For each syslog server you add, you specify the log message format. The Firebox can send log messages in two log formats: Syslog or IBM LEEF. To send log messages to a syslog server, specify the Syslog log format. To send log messages to an IBM QRadar server, specify the IBM LEEF log format. For the IBM LEEF log format, you have the option to include syslog headers.

You can specify the syslog facility to use for each log message type. The syslog facility determines the relative priority of each log message. Lower numbers indicate higher priority. For high-priority log messages, such as alarms, select Local0. For lower priority log message types, select Local1Local7. You can specify the syslog facility for five log message types:

  • Alarm
  • Traffic
  • Event
  • Diagnostic
  • Performance

For information about the different types of messages, go to Types of Log Messages.

When you select the IBM LEEF log format, the Firebox sends only log messages that include the msg-id field to your QRadar server. When you select the IBM LEEF log format, the Firebox does not send Performance log messages to the QRadar server.

Log messages in IBM LEEF log format include the LEEF header, with these details:

  • LEEF Version
  • Vendor Name
  • Product Name
  • Product Version
  • Event ID

For example:

  • LEEF Version — LEEF: 1.0
  • Vendor Name — WatchGuard
  • Product Name — Firebox
  • Product Version — 12.1.B548280
  • Event ID — 1AFF000B (message ID)

For a QRadar server, you must select the option to include the syslog header before you can configure syslog facility settings. If you select to include the syslog header in the log messages sent to a QRadar server, log messages do not include the host name and time stamp.

Before you configure your Firebox to send log messages to a syslog or QRadar server, you must have a syslog or QRadar server configured, operational, and ready to receive log messages.

Add Syslog Servers

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