Welcome to the FireCluster Setup Wizard

WatchGuard FireCluster enables you to configure two Fireboxes in an active/active cluster for high availability and load sharing, or an active/passive cluster for high availability without load sharing. When you enable FireCluster, you manage and monitor the cluster as a single virtual device. The FireCluster Setup wizard helps you to create a basic cluster configuration.

To configure FireCluster, you need:   

  • Two Fireboxes of the same model
  • The feature key for each Firebox
    To learn how to get a feature key, see Get a Firebox Feature Key.
  • The serial number for each Firebox
  • A physical link on each enabled, physical interface

Before you configure two Fireboxes as a FireCluster, you must Connect the FireCluster Hardware.

For an overview of the FireCluster Setup Wizard, see Configure FireCluster with the Setup Wizard.