Supported Models for FireCluster

To configure a FireCluster, you must have two supported Fireboxes of the same model. For Firebox models that support modular interfaces, both Fireboxes must have the same number and type of interface modules installed in the same slots.

For some XTM device models, you can purchase a license key to upgrade the device to a higher model in the same model family. You must first add the feature key to upgrade the device to a higher model before you can configure it as a member of a FireCluster with another device that has a higher model number.

FireCluster is fully supported on all Firebox or XTM devices except:

  • Firebox T10 and T15 devices do not support FireCluster
  • XTM 25-W and 26-W devices support active/passive FireCluster only
  • FireboxV and XTMv devices support active/passive FireCluster only, in a VMware ESXi environment. FireCluster is not supported at all for Hyper-V.

For information about FireClusters for specific Firebox models, see: