About FireCluster on Wireless Models

You can configure two Firebox wireless models as a FireCluster. When wireless is enabled, you can configure FireCluster only in active/passive mode.

Firebox T10-W and Firebox T15-W wireless models do not support FireCluster.

When you configure two wireless Fireboxes as a FireCluster, the configuration must meet these requirements:

  • FireCluster is not supported when the Firebox has wireless enabled as an external interface.
  • If the FireCluster Interface for management IP address is on an interface that is bridged to a wireless network you cannot use a wireless connection to manage the device.
  • The External Guest Authentication hotspot type is not supported for a wireless FireCluster.

For more information about the FireCluster interface for management IP address and the primary and backup cluster interfaces, see Before You Configure a FireCluster.

All other FireCluster requirements and restrictions described in Configure FireCluster also apply to wireless devices.

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