Complete System Maintenance Tasks

From the System Maintenance section of the System Settings > Status page, you can reboot Dimension, upgrade to a new version of Dimension, restore Dimension to the default settings, run diagnostic tasks, and shut down the Dimension VM.

Reboot Dimension

When you reboot Dimension, all the Dimension services and processes are restarted, and the Dimension virtual machine (VM) reboots.

To restart the Dimension servers and system:

  1. Click Reboot.
    A confirmation message appears.
  2. Click Yes.
    Dimension reboots. You must log in again.

It can take some time for the Dimension reboot procedure to complete, all the Dimension systems to restart, and the Login page to appear. If the Login page does not appear quickly, do not restart the Dimension VM. Instead, you can open a console connection to Dimension to monitor the status of the reboot process.

Upgrade Dimension

To get the Dimension upgrade file, go to the WatchGuard website. If you are a new user, before you can download the Dimension upgrade file, you must create a user profile and activate your Firebox on the WatchGuard website.

Make sure to save the Dimension upgrade file to a location that you can easily browse to from the Dimension web UI.

If your instance of Dimension is v1.0, you must first follow a special procedure to upgrade to v1.2 and then upgrade to v2.2.2. For more information, go to Upgrade Dimension from v1.0.

If your instance of Dimension is behind a Firebox, make sure that the HTTP or TCP-UDP proxy policy on the device is configured to allow HTTP responses with the Content-Type field in the response header. For more information, go to Deploy Dimension Behind a Firebox.

Do not reboot your Dimension virtual machine before the Dimension upgrade completes.

To upgrade Dimension:

  1. Click Upgrade.
    The Upgrade System dialog box opens.
  2. Click Browse and select the Dimension upgrade file: watchguard-dimension_2_2_2_apt.tgz.
  3. Click OK.
    The upgrade file is uploaded to Dimension.

After you complete the upgrade, your Dimension system reboots to restart all the Dimension services and processes, but the Dimension virtual machine (VM) does not reboot. Make sure you do not power off your Dimension VM before the upgrade is complete. When the upgrade is complete and Dimension has rebooted, the login page appears.

Restore Dimension

You can return Dimension to the factory-default settings, which reverts all Dimension servers to their original state. When you restore Dimension, the Administrator password is reset to readwrite, the Log Server and PostgreSQL database services are stopped, all log data is cleared from the built-in Log Server database, and all data files are removed from Dimension.

To restore Dimension to the factory-default settings:

  1. Click Restore.
    A confirmation message appears.
  2. Click Yes.

After Dimension has been restored to the factory-default settings, the Dimension Login page appears.

If the IP address for Dimension was changed, the Login page does not automatically appear. Because the default setting to assign an IP address to Dimension is to use DHCP, the IP address for Dimension can change when the factory-default settings were restored. If the IP address has changed, before you can log in to Dimension, you must manually type the new IP address in your web browser.

To find the new IP address assigned to Dimension, review the settings for your Dimension VM. For more information about how to find your Dimension IP address in your virtual machine settings, go to the Install WatchGuard Dimension topic for your virtual machine platform.

Shut Down the Dimension VM

To safely shut down your Dimension VM and avoid the risk of data corruption, you can shut down your Dimension VM from your virtual machine platform client or from the Dimension System Maintenance section.

To shut down Dimension from the System Maintenance section:

  1. Click Shut Down.
    A confirmation message appears.
  2. Click Yes.
    The Dimension VM is safely shut down.
  3. Close your web browser window or tab.

After the Dimension VM is shut down, before you can log in to Dimension again, you must connect to the virtual machine platform client where you deployed your Dimension VM and power on the Dimension VM.

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