Manage Connected Dimension Users

From the System Settings > Status page, you can manage the list of users who are currently logged in to Dimension.

Monitor Connected Users

In the Dimension Users section, you can see all the users who are currently logged in to Dimension.

The Connected Users list includes these details for each connected user:

  • User name
  • User IP address
  • User role
  • Expiration time

To collapse the list, click the Collapse button.

To expand the list, click the Expand button.

To refresh the list, click .

To select the number of users to show in each page of the list, from the Page drop-down list, select an option:

  • 5
  • 10
  • 20
  • 100

Disconnect Users

You can also close the connection for any users that appear in the Connected Users list. You cannot, however, disconnect the user account that you used to log in to Dimension for your current session.

From the Connected Users list:

  1. Select a user.
  2. Click Log Out.
    A warning message appears.
  3. Click OK to disconnect the user.
    The user is disconnected from Dimension.

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