Monitor System Settings

From the main System Settings > Status page, you can see the current status information for your Dimension system. The information that is available on this page depends on the virtual machine platform where you installed Dimension.

  1. Select > Administration > Administration > System Settings.
    The System Settings pages open with the Status page selected by default.
  2. In the Dimension System Information section, review the current status of the Dimension system:

System Name

The name of the Dimension system.

Operating System

Details about the Dimension operating system.

System UUID

The UUID number for this instance of Dimension.

This number is also sent to WatchGuard to get a unique APT token for APT Blocker. Dimension contacts WatchGuard with the UUID number to get an APT token when it is first powered on, when the factory-default settings are restored, and once each day.


The version and build number of Dimension.

CPU Usage

The total percentage of the VM CPU core used by Dimension. The maximum is 100%.

To see the percentage of each CPU core that the Dimension system processes uses, place your cursor over the ToolTip icon. Each CPU core as a maximum usage of 100%.

Memory Usage

The amount of memory on the VM used by Dimension.

Current Time

The time on Dimension, in the local time zone of the browser.

When Dimension stores log messages, it converts the time stamps to the UTC time zone. When you view log messages and reports in Dimension, time stamps appear in your local time zone.

IP Address

The Eth0 interface settings for Dimension.

  • the Enabled icon — Indicates that the interface is enabled and configured.
  • — Indicates that the interface is disabled and not configured.

Send Feedback to WatchGuard

Indicates whether the Device Feedback option is enabled or disabled.

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