Configure Logging Settings

In the Dimension server Configuration pages, you can select whether to send log messages from the Dimension server database to a file and select the log level to include in the file. Log messages are saved to the /logs folder in the root directory specified in the Database Location settings. The location where the file with the log messages is saved appears in the File location text box.

  1. Select > Administration > Administration > Server Management.
    The Server Management pages open with the Status tab selected.
  2. Select the Configuration tab.
    The Configuration pages open, with the General tab selected.
  3. Select the Logging tab.
    The Logging settings open.
  4. To unlock the configuration so you can make changes, click the Locked icon.
    For more information about how to unlock and lock the Dimension configuration, see Lock and Unlock the Dimension Configuration.
  5. Select the Send log messages to a file check box.
  6. From the Log Level drop-down list, select a log level:
    • Error
    • Warning
    • Info
    • Debug
  7. Click Save.
    A message that the Log Server must restart to apply your changes appears.
  8. Click Yes.
    Your changes are saved and the Log Server restarts.

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