Get Started with WatchGuard Dimension

WatchGuard Dimension™ integrates with your Fireboxes and WatchGuard servers to provide a flexible, cloud-ready logging, reporting, and management solution. From Dimension, you can manage your Fireboxes, review the log messages for all your connected Fireboxes and WatchGuard servers, and schedule, view, and run reports from the log messages collected by Dimension.

If you plan to deploy your instance of Dimension behind a Firebox, you must make sure the configuration settings on the Firebox are correct. For more information, go to Deploy Dimension Behind a Firebox.

Before you begin the process to install Dimension, make sure to read the Determine System Memory Allocation section in the Install WatchGuard Dimension topic. This section includes important information about how to determine the correct size settings for your instance of Dimension.

To get started with WatchGuard Dimension, you must complete these steps:

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