Install Dimension on VMware

WatchGuard Dimension is distributed as an OVA file for installation on VMware ESXi 6.5, 6.7, 7.0, or 8.0.

Before You Begin

Before you can deploy the Dimension OVA file and set up your Dimension VM, you must:

  • Download the WatchGuard Dimension OVA file.
    From the WatchGuard Software Downloads Center, find and download the file to install WatchGuard Dimension on your ESXi host.
  • Have a DHCP server configured in the network you choose for the Dimension virtual machine, if you want to use a DHCP server to get the initial IP address for Dimension. You can also manually set a static IP address for Dimension. You then use this initial IP address to connect to Dimension to run the Dimension Setup Wizard and complete your Dimension configuration.
  • Have an ESXi host configured where you can deploy your Dimension VM.

Install the Dimension Virtual Machine

Find the External IP Address

If the external network has a DHCP server, the Dimension external interface is automatically assigned an IP address. To find the IP address to use to connect to Dimension, you can use the command line.

To use the command line to find the IP address for Dimension:

  1. From the Console drop-down list , select Open browser console.
  2. At the login prompt, type wgsupport. Press Enter on your keyboard.
  3. At the passphrase prompt, type readwrite. Press Enter on your keyboard.
    This is the default admin account passphrase. A prompt to change the password opens.
  4. Type the new passphrase to use for the wgsupport account. Press Enter on your keyboard.
    The passphrase is changed.
  5. Record the IP address on the screen. If the IP address does not show for the external interface, type ifconfig or ip addr. Press Enter on your keyboard.
    The IP address for the external interface opens.
  6. To log out, type exit. Press Enter on your keyboard.

Set a Static IP Address for Dimension

If you do not have a DHCP server, you must set a static IP address for the Dimension external interface. This is the IP address you use to connect to Dimension and run the Dimension Setup Wizard. To set a static IP address you make a console connection to Dimension with the wgsupport credentials and specify the IP address for the Eth0 interface.

The first time you make a console connection to Dimension, you must change the default password for the wgsupport user.

The command tool that you use to change the IP address is located in the /opt/watchguard/dimension/bin directory. To change the IP address, you must specify this directory, run the command, and type the new IP address and default gateway for the interface.

To make a console connection to Dimension and configure Dimension with a static IP address:

  1. Log in to the vSphere Client and select your Dimension VM.
  2. Start a console connection to your Dimension VM.
  3. Type the user name wgsupport.
  4. Type the passphrase readwrite.
  5. Type and confirm the new passphrase for the wgsupport user account.
  6. To set the static IP address for Dimension, at the command line, type:

/opt/watchguard/dimension/bin/ -i <IP address> -m <mask> -g <gateway>.

For example, to configure Dimension with a static IP address of and a gateway of, type:

/opt/watchguard/dimension/bin/ -i -m 24 -g

  1. Press Enter on your keyboard.

For more information about console connections to Dimension, see Console Access to Dimension.

Review the Dimension VM Settings

After you have deployed your new Dimension VM, you can power on the VM, review the settings for the VM, and find the IP address to use to connect to the WatchGuard Dimension web UI to run the Dimension Setup Wizard.

Run the WatchGuard Dimension Setup Wizard

After your Dimension VM is set up and powered on, you can connect to Dimension to run the Dimension Setup Wizard and complete the configuration for your Dimension system.

Before you start the Setup Wizard, make sure you have this information to add in the wizard:

To run the Dimension Setup Wizard:

  1. Open a web browser and connect to Dimension at https://<Dimension IP address>.
    For example, if the IP address assigned to your instance of Dimension is, you connect to Dimension at
    The login page appears.
  2. Type the default user credentials:
    • User Name — admin
    • Passphrase — readwrite
  3. You will change the administrator passphrase when you run the Setup Wizard.

  4. Complete the wizard to configure Dimension.
    After you finish the wizard, the Dimension login page appears.
  5. Use the new administrator passphrase that you specified in the wizard to log in to Dimension.

After you have completed the wizard and logged in to Dimension, you can complete the configuration settings for your Dimension system and Log Server, create report schedules, and manage users, as described in these topics:

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