Enterprise MIB File Details

When you install the Fireware OS on your management computer, the supported Enterprise MIBs are installed in this location:

C:\Users\Public\Shared WatchGuard\SNMP

For more information about the MIBs supported on Fireware OS, go to About Management Information Bases (MIBs).

You can open each MIB file to review the current objects and definitions for each MIB. The next section includes a summary of the Enterprise MIB files available for all current Firebox models.

To easily see the hierarchy of MIBs in each MIB file, we recommend that you use a MIB browser to open and review MIB files. All of the information is the same, regardless of the tool you use to open the file, however, the appearance of the text can be different from one MIB browser tool to another.

Enterprise MIB File Summary

These tables include a list of the objects included in the Fireware OS Enterprise MIB files and a description of each object.

System Statistics

System Configuration




IPSec Tunnel

IPSec SA Monitor

IPSec Endpoint Pairs

FireCluster Status

General System Information

Client MIBs

IPSec ISAKMP IKE DOI Textual Conventions

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