User Authentication Steps

After you configure your Firebox as a local authentication server, the HTTPS server on the Firebox accepts authentication requests. To authenticate, a user must connect to the authentication portal web page on the Firebox.

In Fireware 12.5.5 or higher, connections to the authentication portal web page must use TLS 1.2 or higher.

  1. Go to either:

https://[device interface IP address]:4100/


https://[device hostname]:4100

An authentication web page appears.

  1. Type a user name and password.
  2. Select the authentication server from the drop-down list, if more than one type of authentication is configured.
    The Firebox sends the name and password to the authentication server using PAP (Password Authentication Protocol).

When authenticated, the user is allowed to use the approved network resources.

Because Fireware uses a self-signed certificate by default for HTTPS, you see a security warning from your web browser when you authenticate. You can safely ignore this security warning. If you want to remove this warning, you can use a third-party certificate or create a custom certificate that matches the IP address or domain name used for authentication.
For more information, go to Configure the Web Server Certificate for Firebox Authentication.

Manually Close an Authenticated Session

Users do not have to wait for the session timeout to close their authenticated sessions. They can manually close their sessions before the timeout occurs. The Authentication web page must be open for a user to close a session. If it is closed, the user must authenticate again to log out.

To close an authenticated session:

  1. Go to the Authentication portal web page:

https://[device interface IP address]:4100/  


https://[device host name]:4100

  1. Click Logout.

If the Authentication portal web page is configured to automatically redirect to another web page, the portal is redirected just a few seconds after you open it. Make sure you logout before the page redirects.

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