Centrally Manage Your Fireboxes

With WatchGuard Dimension and WatchGuard System Manager (WSM), you can centrally manage and monitor your Fireboxes, no matter where they are located.

From Dimension, you can administer the configuration file for each Firebox you have configured to be managed by Dimension. You can also build hub-and-spoke managed VPN tunnels between Fireboxes managed by the same instance of Dimension.

From WatchGuard System Manager, you can select from two management modes for your Fireboxes managed by your WSM Management Server: Basic Managed Mode and Fully Managed Mode. With Basic Managed Mode you can monitor and update your Fireboxes, and also create drag-and-drop managed VPN tunnels between two Fireboxes managed by your Management Server. In Fully Managed Mode, your Management Server stores the configuration file for each Firebox it manages. You can also create templates to apply to your fully managed Fireboxes.

For more information about how to centrally manage your Fireboxes with Dimension or your WSM Management Server, see: