Centrally Manage Your Fireboxes

With WatchGuard Cloud, WatchGuard Dimension, and WatchGuard System Manager (WSM), you can centrally manage and monitor your Fireboxes, no matter where they are located.

  • From WatchGuard Cloud, you can monitor both locally-managed and cloud-managed Fireboxes. To manage the Firebox configuration and configure VPNs and configuration templates, you can add a Firebox to WatchGuard Cloud as a cloud-managed device.
  • From Dimension, you can manage the configuration for each Firebox you have configured to be managed by Dimension. You can also build hub-and-spoke managed VPN tunnels between Fireboxes managed by the same instance of Dimension.
  • From WatchGuard System Manager, you can select from two management modes for your Fireboxes managed by your WSM Management Server: Basic Managed Mode and Fully Managed Mode.

For more information about how to centrally manage your Fireboxes from WatchGuard Cloud, WatchGuard Dimension, or the WSM Management Server, see: