Manage Fireboxes and FireClusters in WatchGuard Cloud

Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes, Locally-managed Fireboxes

Some of the features described in this topic are only available to participants in the WatchGuard Cloud Beta program. If a feature described in this topic is not available in your version of WatchGuard Cloud, it is a beta-only feature.

You can add a Firebox or FireCluster to your WatchGuard Cloud account as a locally-managed device for monitoring only, or you can add it as a cloud-managed device for complete cloud-based management. For information on the features available to locally-managed and cloud-managed Fireboxes and FireClusters, see Firebox Monitoring and Configuration Features.

WatchGuard will regularly add more features to WatchGuard Cloud. For information about upcoming features, see this Knowledge Base article: WatchGuard Cloud Features for Firebox Configuration.

To get started with Fireboxes in WatchGuard Cloud, see:

For information on Firebox management and configuration, see:

To get started with FireClusters in WatchGuard Cloud, see:

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