Disable Push Notifications

Applies To: AuthPoint Multi-Factor Authentication, AuthPoint Total Identity Security

When you deny an AuthPoint push notification, you can choose to disable push notifications temporarily. You might do this to protect yourself from phishing attacks when you receive many spam push notifications. Attackers send spam push notifications to get users to mistakenly approve an MFA authentication request.

When you disable push notifications, you can still authenticate with one-time passwords and QR codes.

To disable push notifications:

  1. When you receive a push notification, tap Deny.
    AuthPoint prompts you to disable push notifications.
  2. If you have received many spam push notifications and want to disable future push notifications, tap Disable Push Notifications.

Push notifications are disabled on this device until you choose to enable them. Even if you select the push authentication method when you log in with MFA, this device does not receive a push notification. If you have multiple devices that you use for authentication, your other devices continue to receive push notifications.

To disable push notifications on all devices, you must repeat the steps above for each device.

To enable push notifications:

  1. Open the AuthPoint mobile app.
  2. On the home screen, tap Enable Push Notifications.

    If you have disabled push notifications on more than one device, you must enable push notifications again on each device.

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