Protect WatchGuard Networks and Third-Party Networks with WIPS

With WIPS, you can protect both WatchGuard AP networks and also third-party AP networks.

WatchGuard Wi-Fi Network Protection

The patented WIPS security protection in WatchGuard APs and Wi-Fi Cloud can protect Wi-Fi networks in which all APs deployed on the network are WatchGuard APs. WatchGuard APs are categorized in Wi-Fi Cloud as Authorized APs and automatically protected, while other APs in the airspace are detected as rogue or external neighbor access points and blocked.

  • We recommend you deploy at least one dedicated WIPS sensor for every 3-5 Wi-Fi access points, depending on the physical environment and signal attenuation.
  • Diagram of WatchGuard APs protected by a WatchGuard WIPS Sensor

    • Tri-radio models have a third radio as a dedicated WIPS sensor and offer dedicated 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi access on the other two radios.
    • Dual-radio models offer 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi access. You can also configure a dual-radio AP as a dedicated WIPS sensor where both radios are dedicated to security scanning and do not broadcast Wi-Fi.

    Third-Party Wi-Fi Network Protection (WIPS Overlay)

    Secure Wi-Fi and Total Wi-Fi management subscriptions also enable you to use WatchGuard APs as dedicated WIPS sensors in a third-party AP and Wi-Fi controller environment. WatchGuard WIPS sensors are dedicated to WIPS security protection and monitor, detect, and prevent security threats in third-party access point networks.

    Diagram of third-party APs protected by WatchGuard WIPS sensors

    • We recommend you deploy one WatchGuard WIPS sensor for every 3-5 third-party APs, depending on the physical environment and signal attenuation.
    • Use dual-radio APs, such as the AP125, configured as dedicated WIPS sensors for WIPS overlay deployments. Dedicated WIPS sensors do not provide Wi-Fi access which is not required when protecting third-party AP networks.
    • Third-party APs must be classified in Wi-Fi Cloud as Authorized APs before they can be protected by WIPS. You can upload lists of authorized third-party AP MAC addresses to Wi-Fi Cloud. For more information, see Import Device List.
    • In addition, Wi-Fi Cloud offers direct integration with Aruba and Cisco wireless controllers to import AP information with an AP420 in Cloud Integration Point (CIP) mode. For more information, see Wi-Fi Cloud Integration with Third-Party Controllers using CIP.