Download User Action Logs

You can download an audit log of Wi-Fi Cloud user account actions. This enables you to examine the login dates and actions of Launchpad users that administer your Wi-Fi Cloud account. This data includes users local to Wi-Fi Cloud to which you have delegated administrator access.

Audit data is only retained on Wi-Fi Cloud servers for 365 days. You can only retrieve data for the last 365 days including the current date.

For more information on Wi-Fi Cloud data retention and European GDPR requirements, see GDPR Data Search and Delete in Wi-Fi Cloud in the WatchGuard Knowledge Base.

The user action log file is in CSV format and contains these fields:

  • Customer Name
  • Login ID
  • Client IP Address
  • Audit Log Message
  • Date Created

To download user action logs:

  1. From Launchpad, select Admin > Logs.
  2. Select a date range, or select a time period from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Download.

Screen shot of the Admin > Logs page in Launchpad