Set up a Wireless Network with Go

Go is a mobile-optimized app for wireless network setup and configuration. Go enables you to quickly create a wireless network with basic security features from your computer or mobile device.

You can open Go from the WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud Launchpad Dashboard, or go to

To configure a Wi-Fi network with Go:

  1. Open Go.
  2. Click Get Started to begin.

Watchguard Go Get Started page

The WiFi networks page appears.

WatchGuard Go Wi-Fi Networks page

  1. To add a new wireless network, click Add wireless network icon or click Add WiFi Network.
    The Set Up Your WiFi Network page appears, with the Basic tab selected.

WatchGuard Go Set Up Wi-Fi Networks page

  1. Select the Network Type to create:
  • Select a Private network if the wireless network is intended for use by internal users.
  • Select a Guest network if the wireless network is intended for use by guests and visitors who should not have access to your internal network.
  1. In the WiFi Network Name text box, type a name for the network.
    This network name is the SSID for the network.
  2. From the Security drop-down list, select the security mode for the network.
  3. In the Password text box, type a password for the security mode you selected.
  4. Click Save.
  5. To enable the wireless network you just created, click the switch to set it to ON.

WatchGuard Go Wireless Network enable

  1. To test connectivity, connect a wireless client to the SSID you created.