Set up a Wireless Network with Go

Go is a mobile-optimized app that helps you quickly set up simple wireless networks. Go automatically configures these settings for your wi-fi network:

  • SSID Profile — An SSID profile is created for your wi-fi network.
  • Device Template — If you already have a default AP template defined, the SSID is automatically added to the template and applied to your managed APs at your default top-level Locations folder. If you do not already have an AP template, the system creates a new AP template, Go_1, and applies the template to your managed APs at your default top-level Locations folder.
  • Authorized WLAN Policy — A basic Authorized WLAN Policy is set up for your SSID.

The "Allowed AP Vendors" setting in the Authorized WLAN Policy will be configured to only allow WatchGuard-branded APs on the network if you use WatchGuard Go to create your wireless networks.

After Go has completed the initial configuration for your wi-fi network, you can see the details of the AP configuration in Manage. You can also complete advanced configuration procedures for the SSID Profile, Device Template, and Authorized WLAN Policy settings. For more information on Manage, see Set up a Wireless Network with Manage.

From Go, you can add a maximum of 4 active wi-fi networks. You can configure up to 8 networks, but only 4 networks can be active at the same time. For larger deployments, we recommend you use Manage to create your wi-fi networks.

You can open Go from the WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud Launchpad Dashboard page, or go to

  1. Open Go.
  2. Click Get Started to begin.

Watchguard Go Get Started page

  1. If you are not already logged in to the WatchGuard Portal, log in with your WatchGuard account credentials.
    The Your WiFi Networks page appears.

WatchGuard Go Wi-Fi Networks page

  1. To add a new wireless network, click Add wireless network icon.
    Or, click Add WiFi Network.
    The Set Up Your WiFi Network page appears, with the Basic tab selected.

WatchGuard Go Set Up Wi-Fi Networks page

  1. Select the Network Type to create:
  • Select a Private network if the wireless network is intended for use by internal users.
  • Select a Guest network if the wireless network is intended for use by guests and visitors who should not have access to your internal network.
  1. In the WiFi Network Name text box, type a name for the network.
    This network name is the SSID for the network.
  2. From the Security drop-down list, select the security mode for the network.
  3. In the Password text box, type a password for the security mode you selected.
  4. Click Save.
  5. To enable the wireless network you just created, click the switch to set it to ON.

WatchGuard Go Wireless Network enable

  1. To verify whether your networks are active, at the top of Go, click Selection icon in Go and select Dashboard.
    The WiFi Dashboard appears with your active wi-fi networks.

Go dashboard

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