Configure Syslog

You can send events and audit log messages from Discover to a syslog server.

To configure a syslog server:

  1. Select System > Third-Party Servers > Syslog.

Screen shot of the Syslog server page in Discover

  1. Select the Enable Syslog Servers check box.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Configure these options:
  • Syslog Server IP Address / Hostname — IP address or host name of the syslog server that Wi-Fi Cloud communicates with.
  • Port Number — Port number of the syslog server to which data is sent.
  • CIP — If you use a Cloud Integration Point on your network, select a CIP-enabled WatchGuard AP that you want to use to communicate with Wi-Fi Cloud. For more information on CIP, see Wi-Fi Cloud Integration with Third-Party Controllers using CIP.
  • Message Format — Select Plain or IDMEF format for the messages that Wi-Fi Cloud sends to the syslog server.
  • Enabled — Enable messages and audit logs generated by Wi-Fi Cloud to be sent to the syslog server.
  • Append BOM Header — Append a BOM (Byte Order Mark) header to the messages that Wi-Fi Cloud sends to the syslog server.
  • Forward Events — Send event messages to the syslog server.
  • Forward Audit Logs — Send audit logs to the syslog server (plain text only).
  1. Click Save.

Current Status displays the status of the syslog integration service. If the host name of the syslog server cannot be resolved, the status displays the error: "Cannot resolve hostname for one or more destination servers".

  • Running — The service is running.
  • Stopped — The service has stopped.
  • Error — Indicates an error condition.