Google Integration in Discover

Google Apps for enterprises and educational institutions, such as Google for Work and Google for Education, provide various features that enable users to communicate and collaborate from a single platform. You can integrate your Wi-Fi Cloud configuration with Google for user authentication, role profiles, and device authorization.

For more information about Google services, and how to set up a Google account and obtain a JSON file, see Google Integration .

To configure Google Integration in Discover:

  1. Select System > Third-party Servers > Google Integration.

Screen shot of the Google Integration page in Discover

  1. Click Upload JSON Key File to upload the JSON key file you downloaded from your Google account.
  2. In the Admin Email Address text box, type the administrator email address that you used to access the Google Apps Admin Console.
  3. In the Synchronization section, click Sync Client List to manually synchronize the device list from Google.

Wi-Fi Cloud automatically synchronizes the device list from Google once every 24 hours at 00:00 UTC.

The synchronization of devices can fail in these scenarios:

  • JSON key file is missing: Make sure the JSON key file is created and downloaded correctly.
  • JSON key file is invalid: Make sure that the correct JSON key file is associated with the profile. This can occur if all the required scopes are not mentioned in the JSON file.
  • Admin Email ID is missing or is invalid: You must specify the correct Admin email ID that was used to create the service account JSON key.
  • Internal error: Wait a few minutes then perform a manual synchronization if this error occurs.

The MAC address and the OU of the synchronized devices is displayed. You can click Export Client List to download this list as a CSV file.