Banned Access Points and Clients

To prevent access to your Wi-Fi network from specific APs or wireless client devices, you can add the MAC address of those devices to your Wi-Fi Cloud configuration. For example, if a laptop or mobile device is stolen, you can restrict access to the Wi-Fi network from this device to prevent unauthorized access.

To see the Banned Access Points and Banned Clients lists, select System > WIPS.

Use the icons in the top right to search for a MAC address. You can manually add a MAC address to the list (use the format: 97:81:DA:13:7E:B2), or import a list of MAC addresses.

Screen shot of the WIPS system settings - Banned Access Points

To add devices to the Banned Access Points or Clients list directly from the Monitor > WIPS pages, right-click the AP or client and select Add to Banned List.

You can configure an alert to notify you if a banned AP or wireless client is detected in the vicinity. You can also prevent Wi-Fi connectivity with a banned device with an Intrusion Prevention policy. For more information, see Configure Alerts.