AP and Server Communications Key

Wi-Fi Cloud uses a default encryption key for authentication and encryption between the Wi-Fi Cloud server and your managed access points.

For advanced security purposes, you can configure and manage your own key or passphrase. We recommend you use the default encryption key. Do not change this key unless you have a high security environment that requires you to manage your own encryption key.

If you change the key or passphrase, only the access points connected to the server at the time of the change automatically receive the new value. Access points not connected to the server must be separately configured with the new key or passphrase. Only WatchGuard Technical Support can perform this configuration on individual access points.

To update the AP and server communications key in Discover:

  1. Select System > Advanced Settings.
  2. Select the AP-Server Key tab.

Screen shot of the AP/Server communications key configuration in Discover

  1. Select Key or Passphrase.
  • If you select Key, type and confirm a 32 hexadecimal key value.
    The key value can include any combination of these characters:
  • Numerals (0 through 9)
  • Uppercase A, B, C, D, E, and F
  • Lowercase a, b, c, d, e, and f
  • If you select Passphrase, type and confirm a passphrase from 10 to 127 characters.
  1. Click Save.

To restore the default encryption key, click Restore Defaults.