Spectrum Occupancy

The Spectrum Occupancy widget shows the number of radios and clients that were active in a radio frequency band during the selected duration. This helps you identify congested or under-utilized frequency bands.

The date is averaged over 15 minute intervals.

You can select the frequency band (such as ISM, UNI-1, UNI-2, UNI-3, UNI-4) and the time interval from the top-right corner of the widget.

Click RF Explorer to view the RF airspace around the AP. For more information, see RF Explorer.

Screen shot of the Spectrum Occupancy widget for an AP in Discover

Charts that show information about channels other than the operating channels of the AP show the most accurate information when the AP has a dedicated scanning radio. APs that use background scanning show a snapshot of the network that might have changed since the time of the last scan.